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HR Summit Human Resources Conference brings together each year edition HR professionals, managers, executives, service providers, offering them the opportunity to develop sustainable business environments in the organizations they come from, but also giving them the opportunity to be part of this networking community.

Since 2013, HR Summit hosted 11 successful editions involving over 1000 participants from more than 600 companies, establishing itself as the most important regional event dedicated to HR industry and management from Romania.

“Difficult times? SuperHeRoes are here!” is the central theme of the 12th edition. We talk about following role models but also about recognition and opportunities implementation. Over 15 superHeRoes will share their strategic knowledge and know-how being a great source of experience and inspiration for the audience.

Our story from 2013 till now

+ 4 years

+ 1000 participants

+ 600 companies

+ 100 hours of presentations

+ 100 speakers


Workshops represent the practical part of the event, where speakers from representative companies will share in a creative way how to improve your field of activity.

Exhibition Area

If you are a service provider or, as a participant, you are interested in HR solution for your business, get ready for network sessions.

Conference Day

More complex and technical presentations with case studies, examples coming from well known HR professionals will bring you the amount of information that you can apply in the company you come from.


Debate session

Think of it as a platform or a great session in which you have the opportunity to debate interesting topics and ask questions that each and everyone of you faced at least once in your career.

HR Breakfast

Informal meet-ups with one speaker and theme, new connections, coffee and great ideas to take home.


The superHeRoes schedule

13:00-14:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

Talent Management: unde greșim? – Mădalina Bălan, Managing Partner, HART Consulting


Relațiile de muncă sub impactul practicii judiciare recente: confirmări punctuale și riscuri– Ioana Dumitru, Managing Associate, Popovici Nițu Stoica și Asociații


Recruiting the next SuperHeroes – The Millennials – Sorina Bradea, Managing Partner, Thomas International Romania



15:00-15:50 Motivarea astăzi: misiune imposibilă? Oana Datki, SEE Managing Partner Consulteam Mobilitatea forței de muncă – Provocări și soluții – Elena Antoneac, Managing Partner, GMS-T Nestlers Group


Change Management – Daniela Miritescu, HR Manager Arum, UK



16:00-16:50 How to Drive Engagement & Retention through World Class Onboarding – Wouter Van Linden, HR Director KPMG Belgium


Studiu de caz: Programul de dezvoltare al Managerilor Trainee @ Mc’Donald’s România – Ligia Grigorean, Business Consultant Premier Restaurants România


Analiza de rețea organizațională în HR–  Loredana Moșteanu, Business Consultant, Black Card Events



09:00-09:15  Opening remarks – Magnoliu Stan, HR Manager, Smart HR
09:15-09:45  Happiness Management –  Alina Perrin, International HR Director L’Oréal
09:45-10:15 Timpul de lucru – riscuri legale și metode de prevenție – Ioana Dumitru, Managing Associate, Popovici Nițu Stoica și Asociații
10:15- 10:45 Detașarea în UE – abordări și provocări – Elena Antoneac, Managing Partner, GMS-T Nestlers Group
10:45-11:15  COFFEE BREAK
11:15-12:15  Debate session: Daniela Miritescu, HR Manager Arum [UK], Monica Soare, Managing Partner Artwin, Magnoliu Stan, HR Manager Smart HR
12:15-12:50 From The Caped Crusader to The Dark Knight – The Evolution of HR – Matt Buckland, Head of Talent and Human Resources, Lyst
12:50-13:15 Inducție. Instruire. Impact  – Viorel Jigman, Cloud Learning Product Manager and AeL Development Department Manager, SIVECO România
13:15-14:10  BUSINESS LUNCH
14:10-14:40 Adaptarea evaluărilor de compatibilitate cu postul la specificul fiecărui job – o necesitate, nu un moft!
Eficientizați departamentul de recrutare utilizând Superlink Great People Inside – Doru Dima, CEO Great People Inside
14:50-15:10 Global – adaptarea politicilor globale la specificul țării – Oana Datki, SEE Managing Partner Consulteam
15:10-15:35 Tendințe în beneficii pentru angajați  – Alina Popescu, Talent Information Solution Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
15:35-16:00  COFFEE BREAK
16:00-16:30 Programe de lucru flexibile – avantaje si dezavantaje – Andreea Suciu, Head of Employment & Pensions Department, Noerr
16:30-17:00  SG EBS Management Academy – identify & grow managers for the future – Daniela Vercellino, HR Director Societe Generale European Business Services
17:00-17:30   CLOSING REMARKS – Magnoliu Stan, HR Manager Smart HR





Software solutions for HR


Labour Law


Organizational culture


Managing diversity


Employee motivation and retention


Talent Management






Wouter Van Linden

HR Director, KPMG Belgium

Wouter holds a Master degree in law (Antwerp/Dundee, 1994),

Read More

Matt Buckland

Head of Talent @ Lyst

Matt Buckland, Head of Talent and Human Resources @ Lyst, 

Read More

Alina Perrin

International HR Director, L'Oréal

Alina has graduated  L’Institut a Etudes Politique in Paris,

Read More

Daniela Vercellino

HR Director at SG EBS

Daniela Vercellino, HR Director at SG EBS

Read More

Alina Popescu

Talent Information Solution Leader, Mercer Marsh Employee Benefits.

Alina is Talent Information Solution Leader in Mercer Marsh Employee Benefits.

Read More

Doru Dima

CEO Great People Inside Romania, CPO International

Doru Dima is a successful entrepreneur and manager

Read More

Daniela Miritescu

HR Manager, Arum (UK)

Daniela is a seasoned HR Professional with 12 years experience

Read More

Ioana Dumitru

Managing Associate

Ioana Dumitru coordinates the employment law practice

Read More

Elena Antoneac

Managing Partner, GMS-T Nestlers Group

Elena’s educational background covers two BAs

Read More

Mădalina Bălan

Managing Partner, HART Consulting

Madalina is an business psychologist, senior consultant

Read More

Loredana Mosteanu

Business Consultant, Black Card Events

PhD. Loredana Mosteanu is a former university asistent profesor

Read More

Ligia Grigorean

Business Consultant, Premier Restaurants Romania

Ligia Grigorean is Business Consultant @ McDonald’s.

Read More

Oana Botolan Datki

SEE Managing Partner, Consulteam

Oana Botolan Datki is SEE Managing Partner of Consulteam.

Read More

Andreea Suciu

Head of Employment Noerr

Andreea Suciu heads the Employment & Pensions Department

Read More

Viorel Jigman

Product Manager SIVECO

Viorel Jigman is the Cloud Learning Product Manager

Read More

Magnoliu Stan

HR Manager, Smart HR

Magnoliu Stan is currently a Senior Trainer and Manager

Read More

Sorina Bradea

Managing Partner, Thomas International Romania

Innovation in Business and HR is what Sorina Bradea

Read More

Monica Soare

Managing Partner & Senior Consultant, Artwin

Monica has more than 15 years of experience in top companies’

Read More








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  • Andrei Dunuta, Trainer Selftrust Academy


    „What I like most is that people come oriented to share, give away all kinds of case studies what works. Somehow, the audience comes to learn what to do and especially what not to do, to save time.”

  • Ioana Toma, HR Manager Urgent Cargus

    ioana-toma"People want to learn and share what they have learned. I like that it’s a dialogue with the audience, not only some superheroes who come and prove powers: those in the audience have their stories as well."

  • Bianca Suciu, Journalist

    bianca-suciu„When I think at HR Summit I am thinking about: people, development and community.”

  • Katrina Collier, Social Recruiting Specialist, The Searchologist (UK)

    katrina-koler„I found the audiece really, really engaging. It was great, they were responsive when I was asking questions.  They are going to learn a lot from the speakers, but also from their appears. It’s really important to network among other people and treat people as people.”

  • Alina Perrin, DRH International, L’Oreal

    alina-perin„All the practical examples which they can descover here, concrete things they can aplly next day at the office are aspects which they can do, together with a vision about the future they can’t have every day. [...]So we feel less alone in the difficult decisions that we make, and the mass of work that must manage all."

  • Mihaela Joian, HR Manager Cegeka România

    mihaela-joian „HR Summit is an opportunity to interact with professionals, exchange ideas then to adapt the company to which we belong. HR Summit to meet with people in your field, which faces the same challenges, the same joys, of course adapted to the market and the organization they belong.”


HR Summit has in its structure an exhibition area, a dedicated component to service providers and the necessary products for the human resources activity. It is open to the public consists of participants and visitors who want to learn more about the HR community. This exhibition space allows service providers to deliver products and solutions to human resources dedicated companies.  At the same time, they can enter into direct contact with the target audience and promote in an environment in which specialists and HR managers get to learn more about the latest trends.


The event fee includes: access to all presentations/workshops, acces to lunch and coffee breaks, access to the presentation library (pdf / ppt).

Attend HR Summit Cluj-Napoca with your colleagues and get a group discount! Groups of 4 or more from the same company will receive a special group price. Contact us to register your group today!

*Discounts will not be gathered with other promotion, early bird prices or special offers (any offer or discount campaign will relate to a fee of 99 euro + VAT / ticket)



And we organize outstanding events. We are a B2B and B2C events and PR agency that believes in creating connections between people.

No wonder our clients become partners and out partners become friends. For more than 7 years, international and national speakers from our conferences have been impressing audiences with their professional and personal experiences.

Our team behind the scenes is young and creative. We define ourselfs through the professional research we perform, by our talent to bring to expertise and by the glamorous touch we add to each event we engineer.

We believe in the power of togertherness. That inspiring people means sparking change. We are inventive, and most importantly we love what we do!

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